Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Canadian Living The International Collection

If you recognize "Canadian Living" at the top of the photo and are excited even before you open the book, you're probably Canadian and used to picking up the magazine for all sorts of reasons.  Mine obviously go to the food articles and recipes.  And although they say "Don't judge a book by its cover"... I dare you to pass by this one and not stop dead in your tracks!

So when I was offered a copy of the latest book fresh out of the Canadian Living test kitchens, how could I refuse.  Canadian Living: The International Collection: Home-Cooked Meals From Around the World is filled with stunning photos and menus from the Caribbean, China, France, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Portugal, South America, Spain and Thailand.   And it's hard to choose where to begin. In

The menu ideas are listed at the back of the book but the recipes are laid out traditionally starting with Appetizers (I must try the Spanish Rosemary Shrimp in Sherry, the Indian Spiced Lamb Samosas, the Italian Squash Agnolotti with Sage & Walnuts... sorry, lost control there for a minute).  

I haven't even started talking about the other sections, but suffice to say, most of my pages are already earmarked.  Every recipe is easy to make - even those like the Squash Agnolotti can be made in steps over a few days.  That one has homemade pasta and squash filling that can be made a day ahead and put together earlier the day you plan on serving.  The actual "cooking" time takes six minutes in a pot of boiling water.  The Sage leaves are fried in butter for two minutes and then tossed with toasted walnuts and I'm drooling already!  

So far, I've only made the Greek Lamb Stew with Artichokes and it was amazing!  Next up...Moroccan Harira - a lentil soup with chickpeas, dates and spices... I can't wait.

UPDATE:  The Moroccan Harira was so good, I had to add it right here!  Even my Honey, a self-proclaimed "I don't like soup" person, loved it.

Bottom line:  If you like to experiment with exotic flavors using ingredients that are easy to find close to home, this cookbook is for you!  In fact... The folks at Canadian Living inadvertently sent me two copies and I'm happy to share with one of you.  Just tell me why I should send you the copy in the comments below.   


foodiejudie said...

I have checked this cookbook out of the library twice now, would LOVE to have a copy of my own!

Ruth Daniels said...

The early bird gets the worm... Or in this case a delicious cookbook. Just send me your mailing address by email. Ruth (at) 4 every kitchen (dot) com

Helene said...

I haven't seen this cookbook yet. So far all the recipes I have made from Canadian Living have become favorites in the house.

Helene said...

Ruth I would love a copy. I am in love with their recipes but don't have a cookbook from Canadian Living on my cookbook shelves yet. If I receive a copy I will blog about it and make recipes from the book. Have a good week-end!

Ruth Daniels said...

Helene, it is a lovely cookbook. This time around I decided to send it out to the first one in. Maybe next time.