Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mark Bittman Grilling on Kindle

If you're a Mark Bittman fan, you probably have (or wish you did) one of his "How to Cook Everything" books. If you're lucky enough to have an iPhone or iPad, then you get the apps. I've written about how much I love mine. Of course, there's always his web presence. But now there's a new way to enjoy a bit of "Mark"... Bittman's Kitchen: What I Grill and Why ... It's a Kindle book and it works just fine on my iPad.

This book is a little different from the others I've come to love and lean on in the kitchen. It's written more like a personal conversation with Mark. Don't get me wrong... there are still lots of great recipes and tomorrow or Saturday, depending on when my favorite fish shop has some fresh halibut or other firm white fish, I'll be making some chile lime marinated skewers. But let's back up a bit.

If you're new to using Kindle (like me), then let me assure you it's easy to get around the "book". At the bottom of your screen there are aids... a search tool to help you find something specific; an option to change the font for easier reading (we all have our preferences); and best of all, the "go to" icon that let's takes you to the table of contents, the beginning of the book or a specific location.

So ... the app is easy to use, recipes are Mark Bittman delicious - no surprises there! But what I like best is the "conversation" with Mark. At least it really feels like a conversation. Most... make that ALL grilling cookbooks give you the Charcoal VS Gas choices, but somehow, Mark's insights are ... well... because I've tried to find a better word... more like a personal conversation with me. For example... in the overview section..
" In fact, both charcoal and gas work well when you're confident in your technique and equipment. Which is why these recipes... are all designed for whatever equipment you've got.

I'll let you discover more reasons to get your own Kindle version, but leave you with this delicious...

Bottom Line: a great little find and well worth the $0.99

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