Thursday, June 9, 2011

Annabel Karmel's iPhone App

A number of years ago I received a copy of Superfoods for Babies & Children. At the time, the only little one around was my niece - six at the time.
We made Chicken Dippers

and brownies. Good practice for when I became a Grandma... And handed over the book to my daughter Joanna. Let me say that she adored Superfoods and read it cover to cover and used it often from the day that Boaz came home from the hospital. In fact, she still makes the oatmeal recipe, although today she often makes it just for herself. These days, she is still enjoying the recipes, although she doesn't need as much guidance as she did first time around.
Four and a half years and another grandson later...Dov is two and a half... I've been asked to review Annabel Karmel's latest endeavor. It's an iPhone app - Annabel's Essential Guide to Feeding Your Baby & Toddler. So I went back to my daughter to see what she thought. And before I share her take... here's mine...because even Grandma's need some help in the creativity department sometimes. Especially when we're out and about and realize that angels are coming over for lunch or dinner.

As you can see, recipes are divided by developmental stages. Naturally, I live in the toddler tab, but each section has the same guides to follow... how many servings, whether you can freeze them, cooking temperature &.. often... a video to help you through the recipe. Given that Boaz is a little fussier than his little brother, I'm thinking of crunchy salmon cakes. The finished plate is so cute, I want to make some right now. One fish cake shaped like a fish, naturally, with a slice of hard boiled egg for the eye, a piece of green pea pod for mouth and parsley sprig for fin, radish bubbles overhead and green peas for the ocean. Stay tuned...

Each recipe is divided by three tabs...summary (for salmon cakes there's a video); ingredients (with a spot to add ingredients to the "shopping list".. and the option to buy some of Annabel's make it easy equipment); and easy to follow steps to put it all together.

In addition to shopping list, recipes there are two other sections worth mentioning. One is a "Planner". You can read Annabel's planner which focuses on the stage you're looking at followed by a weekly menu. Or you can create your own planners and add the recipes you choose to any of those. I have four recipes to check out - the salmon fish cakes, mice in jackets - the cutest baked potato creatures you will ever see, vegetarian shepherd's pies and chicken enchiladas.

Joanna and I agree that the recipes look awesome and easy to make... a necessity with little ones needing attention. The articles are really geared to first time moms, like no cook baby food, essential equipment, batch cooking & freezing... and quite a few more to help us out.

Bottom Line: Great for first time moms, from articles, to how to's, to recipes. Just devour it. And a terrific app for anyone, who's out and about and wondering what to make for little ones. I've already been seen in a grocery store, app in hand.

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