Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bal's Quick & Healthy Indian

Every once in a while, I'm lucky enough to catch Bal Arneson on her Food Network cooking show Spice Goddess. Her easy style always captures my attention. Not only are they truly tasty, they are so simple to prepare.. and healthy to boot. I've already written about Everyday Indian, which I refer to often. So naturally when I was offered a copy of her latest book Bal's Quick and Healthy Indian I jumped at the chance to get my hands on it. And it does not disappoint.

From the Indian Cooking Basics, at the beginning of the book - which includes a foolproof way to cook rice. I know, we've all heard that before, but this time I found it really worked for me. (I've included the "how to" in the mushroom recipe below). Every recipe has me drooling. I stopped marking pages when I realized they all appealed to me. That said... naturally my eyes did linger on the following two recipes that I whipped up in short order. If you're vegetarian, the mushrooms are meaty and filling all by themselves as an entree. If you're more of a meat eater... like us, then there are any number of chicken, lamb and beef dishes to go with them. The left over mushrooms were awesome in an omelet.

I'm still dreaming about the shrimp which will definitely become an appetizer staple around here... I'm thinking International tapas!

Bottom line: Sometimes follow up cookbooks don't live up to the originals. Not this one. It's just as easy, just as delicious and just as healthy as the first. If you love to eat Indian food out but are intimidated by the idea of making any yourself... have no fear. Bal makes it fun and simple.

If you think you have no time to create an Indian meal... Bal will change your mind with that too. It took 40 minutes. While the brown rice was cooking, it was a leisurely prep time for everything else. Shrimp marinate for 20 minutes and quickly grill for less than five.

If you're already expert in Indian cooking, this book will give you lots of new ideas.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for such kind words about the book!


Ruth Daniels said...

It's my pleasure! In fact, my thanks to you for writing suc great books.