Monday, July 19, 2010

The Main {Recipes}

Anthony Sedlak is one of those adorable Food Network Canada chefs I enjoy watching, as much for his manner as for his food. The first time I saw the promo for The Main...the Montrealer in me, actually assumed that the setting was rue St Laurent in Montreal. We Anglos call it "The Main" and it has changed dramatically over the years, but always with some food memories for me. But I digress. Anthony actually grew up in North Vancouver, British Columbia, which is, indeed, another awesome foodie haven.

The title, the main {recipes} refers to the main course - the focal point of any meal and Anthony shares 45 fabulous menus, each starring one particular ingredient. For example...., much as I love summer, I can't wait for the Fall for this spectacular meal starring apple cider vinegar (I'll be using Boates Farm Balsamic Apple Cider Vinegar - from the Annapolis Valley here in Nova Scotia). And tell me you're not drooling as you read this ....

Slow Cooked Tangy Short ribs braised with bay leaves, garlic, cloves, rosemary, thyme, tomato paste, brown sugar, white wine, beef stock, and of course apple cider vinegar, served with Coleslaw with Apple Cider Vinaigrette and "Twice Baked Potatoes With the Goods", which include chives, grated cheese & sour cream. See what I mean?
But it's way too hot now and I opted for another favorite ingredient of mine...maple syrup. Maple Glazed Salmon Fillets with Seared Rosemary. The suggested sides - Bacon Barley, flavored with garlic, onion, rosemary, white wine and bacon, along with Sauteed Swiss Chard and the recipe for Maple Bacon, will have to wait as well. So I set aside some of the salmon marinade and just drizzled it over some mixed greens and it was the perfect hot summer meal.

Two very delicious dinners starring clams...Linguine with Clams, Garlic & White Wine, sprinkled with homemade Fried Breadcrumbs or Baked Clams with Chorizo and Fingerling Potatoes....will have me flipping a coin as to which to try first.

It's a great that will make you hungry...even if you've just finished eating, plus timing tips to help you organize your cooking so you won't be flustered and so that everything will come together perfectly. And the book is uniquely organized by starring ingredients from aged cheddar, almonds and avocados to pasta, pears, tomatoes and yoghurt, not to mention chicken, duck, flank steak and many other usual suspects we know and love to eat as a Main.

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