Saturday, April 17, 2010

Giada At Home

I'm sure if you've ever watched Giada de Laurentiis on TV, you probably wonder how she stays so slim cooking up those amazing dishes. Well her newest book Giada at Home, gives a hint to the least for me. It's that blend of her family's traditional Italian roots and her home in California with all its abundant seasonal fruit and vegetables to choose from and healthy lifestyle.

Of course what most attracts me to her cooking is how easy it is to prepare healthy, tasty and gorgeous dishes in practically no time at all.
Her Grilled Salmon with Citrus Salsa Verde was indeed a hit. And while I served it warm this time, I plan on having it star as a cold dish for many a summer picnic.

I also have a new favorite pesto (I love the classic, but am always interested in different varieties. After all pesto really just means paste)...
Giada's Spicy Pesto with walnuts and jalapeno pepper...awesome on pasta, scrumptious slathered on grilled goat cheese a hundred other options.

Those are just two of the fabulous (and ridiculously easy to prepare) dishes to entertain your family and friends without any stress and many smiles around the table. I particularly love how she takes some very traditional dishes, like Bucaatini All'Amatriciana and adds her own magical twist - smoked mozzarella meatballs.- it's definitely on my list of tasty treats to try. is the Chocolate Honey Almond Tart that can be prepared the day before with little effort, just a food processor to create the graham cracker and almond crust, and a small saucepan to whisk together and heat some heavy cream and honey, a bowl filled with chocolate chips and a little whisk to melt the chocolate with the hot honey cream...I'm drooling and perhaps I won't even wait for the family dinner. That said, I bet they'll just smell the aroma from their place and head on over.

If you love Giada, you know this is a great book - and the photos of her family are lovely, especially her delicious little daughter, Jade. In fact you can hear the laughter and love around the table.

If you've never heard of her (I don't know where you've been hiding), then this is definitely a book to try. From appetizers to dessert and every course in between, Giada's recipes will delight you with their no fuss preparation and "wow!" factor.


Ruchi said...

I love the way Giada cooks and I second you on how she makes it seem easy like a breeze! But she must be really careful with her portion sizes to look this gorgeous and skinny :)! I always find her an inspiration when cooking something Italian.

You have a great blog - wish I had discovered it earlier.

Ruth Daniels said...

She is too slim for what she makes, that's for sure!

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you come by often.