Saturday, March 13, 2010

Everyday Easy Chicken

Years ago, when I was growing up...and frankly, up until I got married...I swore I'd never make chicken again. Not because I was opposed to the way chickens were raised. I'm dating myself, but...the only chickens we ever got were free range and raised without drugs. There just wasn't a need to label them that way. Not because I'm a vegetarian...I'll go to my grave a very happy carnivore, thank you. Not because I'm opposed to having animals killed for my eating pleasure long as I don't have to do it.'s because my mother seemed to make chicken at least three times a week (at least that's my perspective) and don't get me wrong...when ever anyone heard that she was making her fantastic Fried Chicken...they'd be at our doorstep. And her ginger roasted Capon (just a large castrated chicken) was always the centerpiece of any holiday feasting. Not to mention, her BBQ chicken - my cousins eyes still glaze over when it's mentioned and I'd like some right now. That said, it just seemed as if she did the same things over and over. I wish she had had a copy of Everyday Easy Chicken.

The book is another in the Everyday Easy series. I certainly loved Everyday Easy One Pot and I'm eagerly awaiting the Everyday Easy Cheap Eats that's due out from DK Publishing this Spring. Naturally, this one stars chicken and, seriously, I could make chicken every night for months and never do the same thing twice - and what's more important - never get bored with chicken.

Lots of recipes are earmarked...Chicken Piri-Piri - a Portuguese dish I miss from living in Toronto with a large Portuguese community - do you think Portuguese kids grow up wishing their mothers would change up the menu? But I digress. This version looks wonderful as does the Lemon Honey Chicken Breasts with Mustard Mayonnaise - both to be served very soon. From soups to calzones and a chicken pie that has me drooling, to one-pot dishes from around the world. The Chicken tikka masala with Indian flavors, Chicken with Chorizo - a little Spanish influence, some Coq au vin from France and of course Chicken cacciatore from Italy.

In fact I started out with a Thai dish. Thai Green Chicken Curry is easy to make - from start to finish in less that the time it takes to steam some rice - and very flavourful. My plan was to make it for my Honey and me. So I took out 3 chicken breasts (I thought there might be a little left over for next day's lunch) and then my daughter dropped by and dinner ended up feeding six of us (true, two were kids, but they both loved the dish). It was too late to defrost more chicken breasts - I'm not a fan of doing so in the microwave - so I opted to add some shrimp, snow peas and Asian greens (not even sure what exactly, but they sort of look like sweet pea greens and tendrils) and here's my version....another reason I love the book - so easy to adapt recipes to things you have on hand.

If you're a chicken fan...or really want to be, this book will make you a chicken virtuoso.

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