Thursday, August 27, 2009

Slow Cooker Comfort Food

Slow Cooker Comfort Food is not the first slow cooker book Judith Finlayson has written at least six others...I even have one or two myself. And now that the weather is turning cooler and I it or not...that those brisk days of Fall will be followed by the bone chilling cold of winter in the Maritimes...let's just say....slow cooked comfort food sounds just about right to me.
When I think comfort food + slow cooker, I first think of roasts or stews and there are plenty of those in the book. In fact....
...first up Sunday Pot Roast Dinner , which met all the comfort food criteria...lots of thick, rich gravy, meat that falls apart - you only need a fork, glass of wine and friends to round out the perfect meal. We had all the above.

And there are 28 soups from delicate like shrimp bisque to hearty gumbos and lentil based soups. There are even desserts (cranberry pecan pear crumble & maple spiked carrot pudding with candied ginger sound particularly appealing) and appetizers (lots of dips and what really caught my attention - two kinds of corn bread! Yes, corn bread in the slow cooker! You actually place all the ingredients into a loaf or round pan that fits into your slow cooker...I definitely have to try that out).

But the most wonderful part of the book is the broad ethnic variety of dishes, lots of curries, Moroccan Lemon Chicken with Olives, smothered country-style ribs, lamb shanks braised in tomato sauce with lemon gremolata (one of my favorite Italian dishes), winter borscht that must be from Eastern Europe...the list is endless...well almost endless.

And I haven't even mentioned all the vegetarian dishes like gingery red lentils with spinach & coconut or saffron spiked squash tagine with couscous, tofu enchiladas....

All in all 275 serious comfort options to try.

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