Monday, April 13, 2009

Quick Vegetarian Pleasures

In starting my Cookbook Inventory Index, I realized that although I own and use several vegetarian cookbooks...really, I do!...I just haven't specifically written about any. So let me start with my first and still favorite...Quick Vegetarian Pleasures by Jeanne Lemlin. I love it so much I bought it for each of my daughters and annotated the pages with my favorite recipes.

The spine is broken, most pages are other words, it's well worn and used often. Here are a few of my favorite recipes from it...

Couscous & Vegetable Salad with Orange & Garlic (my annotation: unbelievably delicious) It's a standard at any buffet brunch or supper I ever do.

Mixed Greens with Miso Dressing (no photo, guess I'll have to make it again soon)

Lemon-Soy Marinade...the best I've ever used and fantastic for grilled vegetables (or even gasp, gasp, fish & chicken)

Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins very tasty as is..

Herb Oat Bread that's so good you forget how good it is for you!

Actually, every recipe is fantastic...tasty, healthy and quick to make. What more could anyone ask for?

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Melanie said...

I love cous cous and will make this dish very soon. Yum!