Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chocolate for Breakfast

Warning! This is one of those cookbooks you can lose yourself in even before you make it to the kitchen!

Before I even share my thoughts, let me say that Barbara Passino, chef and owner extraordinaire of Oak Knoll Inn in the Napa Valley is a genius and I can't wait to spend some time at the inn. Just from reading this wonderful book, replete with stunning photos, I've moved it high up on my "must visit places".

And, I must say, the title is somewhat misleading...not EVERY recipe calls for chocolate and most of the dishes would be spectacular served at any meal, not just breakfast. So for those of you who need more than chocolate in your life...fools that you are....oops, was that my "outside voice"?...or like me, who only eat real breakfasts on the weekend...that's about to change here, because most of the dishes are incredibly easy to put together...even if you're half asleep.

The recipes are delightful - inventive, fanciful, creative, and just plain fun and the subtitle says it all....

"Entertaining Menus to Start the Day with a Celebration"
Even the Table of Contents is worth the read...
North of South West
Chocolate Tacos
Chocolate Papaya Tamales with Mango Mint Salsa
Asian Persuasion
Apple Eggrolls
Lacy Singapore Omelet
Chocolate Fortune Cookies
Little Italy
Chocolate Pasta
Breakfast Pizza
French Connection
Moroccan Excursion...
And that's just a taste!

So far I've whipped up the Lacy Singapore Omelet which we loved and it took mere minutes.

Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti that intrigued me. I had to hunt for chocolate nibs (nice but a bit bitter) and made half the recipe with hazelnuts. The perfect break with a cup of coffee to get even more lost in the book.

Romesco Sauce - creamy and spicy and will be perfect over pasta for dinner. Look at that color and tell me you're not transported to sunny California!

I think a little more biscotti and more flipping through this fabulous book is required immediately!

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Wow! Looks amazing. Thanks for the wonderful review!