Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Seven Sins of Chocolate

The Seven Sins of Chocolate is one of those beautiful coffee table books, you have close at hand to impress your friends. The stunning photos by Thomas Dhellemmes and over-the-top recipes by Laurent Schott, will have everyone drooling.

I must admit, if you're planning on making the recipes yourself...most of them are for the more experienced pastry chef. I stuck to a couple of very simple recipes, myself...

...neither of which look nearly as good as the book and ....the rest I leave to those with more skills than I.

According to the book, the Seven Sins of Chocolate are....

Sloth (laziness) ...which includes tart a l'antillaise...comprised of a sweet pastry, chocolate ganache and flambeed bananas...a little too energetic for a lazybones like me, but...the chocolate crepes look like I could possibly manage;

Anger...frankly how can fresh berry chocolate tarts or Viennese chocolate cake make a person angry...unless there's no one around to make them for you, I suppose;

Lust...well, frankly I lust after each and every recipe in the book, so....what can I say, but the opera cakes and chocolate savarins with vanilla ice cream are definitely up there;

Pride...I know they say "Pride goes before a fall", but I'd love to be able to make profiteroles or mille-feuille that match those here and totally floor all my friends and family;

Envy...for me it's simply the ability to make my versions look only half as good as theirs - especially the chocolate and salted caramel tart which looks stunning;

Avarice...well, frankly, with a list like chocolate goblets, chocolate and poached pear tart, chocolate and pistachio financiers, who wouldn't want them all; and lastly...

Gluttony defines it as excessive eating and drinking but I simply call it "pigging out" and we definitely did with the chocolate nut cookies. Five dozen didn't last very long.

I'm off to wolf down the last of the cookies and drool over all the other chocolate delights the book has to offer.


Jexxi said...

Gaaahhh! i REALLY want to make the fresh berry tarts! & even though its the only recipe i want, i can't find the book in stock in stores nearby, only online :/

Ruth Daniels said...

Unfortunately, I gave this book to one of my daughters when we moved, so I can't help you with the original, but if you "Google". "Fresh berry chocolate tarts". You can at least satisfy your berry tart craving.