Friday, October 3, 2008

The Healthiest Meals on Earth

I do try to eat balance our meals and include natural goodness rather than have to take vitamins and other additives to keep us well. But the truth is...I really don't know which foods are good for what. Oh sure, I've heard the terms...antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and how important it is to have fibre, good fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals in my diet...but where do I find them...other than in a bottle of pills!?

The Healthiest Meals on Earth by Jonny Bowden, not only has great recipes, but explains that elusive "WHY?" and even better...HOW these healthy elements work in our bodies. All in an easy to follow manner that doesn't hurt my brain.

The book is not presented like most cookbooks...don't worry there are tons of great dishes created by Jeannette Bessinger. One term you'll hear often is "polymeal" which basically is a "perfect" meal, containing all the elements I mentioned above and the book is laid out to highlight that theory. I'll leave the explaining to Dr Bowden, he does it so well.

Section One - Four course polymeals, has 10 chapters , each one focusing on one specific ...fabulous fibre, hunter-gatherer's delight, omega star...and so on. Let me give you an example....Omega Star chapter focuses on salmon and other healthy fats from the sea. True, I knew about omega 3 fatty acids, but I didn't know there were two types...DHA & EPA or that it benefits the heart and brain AND improves mood and behavior. There are actually four pages of information before we get to the recipe.

Salmon with Tamari-Orange Marinade

There are also two other sections in the book...the One Pot Polymeal with simple sides, (especially wonderful for those who love the idea of one dish to prepare and serve with a simple side and dessert - not in the one pot, naturally), and Delicious Drinks: the liquid polymeal...each section has more valuable information and delicious recipes for everything from sangria to detox drinks and super juices.

Truth-be-told, I probably won't follow all the rules or stick to individual menus, but I certainly will be eating better. I served my salmon with ....

Yellow Beans with Pomegranate Mint Dressing (pomegranate juice protects against heart disease and cancer, and for the guys out there...a natural viagra, apparently).

Lunch today was Raw Spinach Soup that doesn't just taste wonderful, it will defend against cholesterol, cancer and diabetes...pretty awesome and if I don't tell anyone, they'll just enjoy the flavors.

Oh...and did I mention two superstar ingredients to keep us all healthy? Wine and chocolate and there are lots of delicious ideas for those in the book too.

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