Saturday, September 6, 2008

Marty's World Famous Cookbook

I could kick myself! I'm ashamed to say it. I never went to Marty's Famous Coffeehouse in Bracebridge (heart of the Muskokas) when I was living in Toronto. My loss, truly if his cookbook is any indication. Great recipes, stunning photos of both scenery and food, plus wonderful stories. My the book and then book a trip to the Muskokas. It's beautiful in the Fall with all those glorious reds, yellows and orange leaves everywhere. And, naturally, don't bypass the coffeehouse and Marty's famous buttertarts.

In Marty's World Famous Cookbook, he shares a great many of his secrets with us...the reasons everyone stops by in Ontario's wonderful cottage country. The biggest secret of all....shhhhh, don't to keep things simple. This book is aimed directly at my need to uncomplicate life in the kitchen and still make delicious food that everyone raves about.

I've earmarked many a tasty his late grandfather's mushroom soup...not just because I adore mushroom soups, but because I love the'll have to get the book to read it. Same with his famous butter tarts. He even wants those of us who make them to send photos to his website and he'll post all the variations. His beetless borscht sounds like a winner for my daughter who hates beets. Or how about some of Marty's personal favorites like Men's Night Steak Sandwich with his own Butternut BBQ Rub and garlic drizzle, for my son-in-law's traditional Monday Night Guy Night. Of course, my daughter would have to make them, so start begging, Ez.

Then there's Marty's simple wings, gnocchi with prosciutto and cremini mushrooms and don't get me started on his desserts. Just mentioning them adds to my waistline.

That said I did make his fabulous Cranberry Orange Loaf . It's perfect for a late lazy morning snack with a mug of steaming coffee or afternoon with a cup of tea.

Marty's Guacamole was fantastic with pita chips for some drop in guests we had last week and will be again when my brother-in-law visits this week.

So what are you waiting for...get a copy of Marty's book and pretend you're in the Muskokas.

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